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Gwen Stefani - konekomix

About Gwen Stefani

Previous Entry Gwen Stefani Feb. 5th, 2005 @ 03:59 pm Next Entry
I wouldn't mind that harajuku song if she didn't mispronounce the word everytime it is said or sung.

HAH-RAH-JUU-KUU not Hair-ah-jew-kew

it just sounds so hickish.

In other news I'm looking to buy an ILYIT so if you have one make me an offer. I still want her hair to be intact but I don't care if she is nude. I can pay with paypal.

I would also like the following clothing:

Alice in wonderland outfit that fits blythe, with black ribbons and shoes etc.
Bunny outfit: hood with ears, furry gloves, furry boots, furry outfit
Black top hat or mad hatter hat

I have clothing I can trade in exchange. If you have any of those items that are similar let me know. :D
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